Cheap Laptop Repair Service in New Zealand

We provide repairs for laptops and all-in-one computers such as iMac, tablets, and smartphones. We maintain a vast inventory of parts to guarantee all repairs are completed as quickly as possible.


Nowadays, laptop screens can break easily or the back light stops working. Also, screens can be afflicted with clusters of dead pixels and straight lines on the screen or the ribbon wire can be damaged. We can repair and solve all the problems related to LCD and LED screen.

We deal on the following maker of laptop screen:

Mac Screen

Dell Screen

Asus Screen

Toshiba Screen

HP Screen

Acer Screen

Compaq Screen

Lenovo Screen

Sony Screen

IBM Screen


The most common indications of Hard Drive failures are:

Blue death screen.

Computer gets stuck or not starts.

Message starts to appear as “Operating System Not Found” or “Missing Operating System.”

Hard Drive creates nuisance noise.

In the situation of Hard Drive failures, we can change the impaired hard drive or if we can repair it then we will remove the errors and make it fix. Then we will re-install Windows or Mac operating system as per system. We also deal in data recovery services. For more info, please call or email us.


Failure hard drives are a common problem these days but most of the time data recovery is conceivable. We are capable of offering standard data recovery services in-house at economical prices as compared to the market rate.


If your motherboard is not working or is faulty, we can repair it or change it. We also deal to repair liquid damaged motherboards by which you can save your hundreds of dollars.


Water drop, accidents and wear and tear can affect laptop keyboards to give an error or can stop working altogether. We provide keyboard replacements at a very low and reasonable price.


When you install a hardware or plug in a new device, the system will prompt automatically for a driver. We provide the genuine company drivers for your laptop which will not slow down your laptop. As other competitors in the market provide the crash drivers which ultimately affect your system.


Some of the indications that require the solution of your DC Jack.

Your laptop starts charging when you twist the charger or the cord.

Your laptop turns off when you move your laptop.

When your laptop doesn’t even turn on, don’t lose hope. Let us resuscitate your dead laptop charging problem. A laptop’s frequent problem is either with the DC Jack or the AC adapter. We can repair both problems and get your laptop up and run again.

What We Offer?

Broken Screen Replacement

Hinges Replacement

Motherboard Repair

Keyboard Replacement

Data Backup & Restore

Data Recovery

Device Driver Installation

Wireless Setup

Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal

Operating System Reinstall

Spill Cleanup

Memory Upgrade

System Tune-up

Problem with Video Card / Chip Repair

Deal with Password Reset

Repair of Overheating and Shutting Off problem

Internet Security

And many more laptop repair services