‘Hard Drive Recovery’

Your systems hard disk is made up of intricate components that can be susceptible to many types of failure. All of which require an expert approach and the experience of a hard drive recovery professional.

Physical failure: Where any physical component internal to the hard disk has failed.

Electronic Failure:

Where the drives circuitry fails. We normally see this after a “black out” or where incorrect power supplies are used.

Logical failure: Where areas of the disk are degraded and encroach upon your data or your systems data due to age and other factors.

USB Data Recovery

USB devices are a means of transporting data and their size means you can fit more than 20,000 documents in your coin pocket! Unfortunately the fact that these devices are inserted and removed from many different machines means they are much more prone to failure.

Incorrect ejection, deletion and even completely snapped in two are just some of the cases we face every day in the lab with USB devices. If you need your data recovered from any device call Computer Doctor now and trust your recovery to the data recovery experts.

Memory Card Recovery

Memory cards hold just that – memories, and normally precious ones too. Computer Doctor understands how devastating the loss of images through deletion, card reformatting or failure can be.

We have the hardware and expertise to safely recover your data in a timely and cost effective manner. Don’t hesitate to call computer Doctor Mobile Services now and trust your data is in the right hands with the data recovery experts.



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