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Doctor Computer ensure that our scalable Software Design and Development Solutions are built for resilient application architectures.

We provide Web Development and E-Commerce Services & provide Creative and Professional Web applications and online stores to empower your business online.

Any company willing to have an appearance at the global canvas of online businesses or store may look for a top class website. The website contains all the information about the company, their team, their working methodology, and products. The product is also placed and sold through website and resources are gathered with various online trading options.

We developed websites professionally so that maximum benefits can be extracted. The web development includes placement of text, pictures animations or videos. The information sharing method has to be chosen the organization, as they would be operating the website afterward. The standard website actually stands for the still pictures and non-transforming text placed on the static background of the website. However, the option for having still or dynamic websites is dictated by objectives to be achieved from the website.

Standard website design is developed using basic HTML5. The static websites are easy to make and modify. A simple explanation to the frequently asked question “what kind of website should one have?” is to consult boundless technologies for pertinent and plausible solutions.

Doctor Computer Web is a full-service  web development   Broad and deep technological know-how is the wellspring of all our innovative web solutions.  Our high degree of aptitude in web technology strategy and diverse programming languages gives us the ability to select the right strategy, platform and tool for each project and get the most out of it.  Our experience includes development of:

  • eCommerce Solutions

  • Web Application Development

  • Content Management Software

  • Database Development

  • Internationalization


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